Mobile Dancwear

We will bring Dancewear to Studios, Schools and Performing Groups from Springboro-Springfield OH.

We will go further once a month as long as we have more than 10-people that want us to bring them dancewear. Contact us for more information.

We offer a discount off orders for team fittings.

Invite us to open house, every now and then or sell dancewear directly within your studio.

There are incentives for bringing dancewear directly to your place of business. Contact us to find out if our mobile dancewear is right for you!

What else can your dancers expect when your Studio, School or Performing Group that  becomes affiliated with Gem City Dancewear?

* Dancers may contact us directly at anytime for new dancewear and the Director/Owner will always get credit for every sale.

 * Checks accepted only from shoppers that are within our affiliated studio program.

*Prices lower than retail, always!

* Group fittings get an even bigger discount (groups of 6 or more).

* Orders will be delivered directly to the Dancer’s establishment and there are NO delivery fees.

“What if my Dance Studio or School will not allow an affiliation, may I still buy dancewear?”

Absolutely! We have a handful of customers that we meet that do not fall into our affiliated studios. Depending on where you live we can do business at your home or meet up somewhere.